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Organization Building

The Nao Xin Tong Zhi Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine (the Committee) was founded on September 18, 2011, with Professor Zhao Buchang serving as Chairman and Professor Cai Dingfang, Professor Wang Daowen, Professor Mao Jingyuan, Professor Lei Yan and Professor Hu Xueqiang serving as Vice Chairmen. The Committee has a total of 101 members, including 68 committee members and 33 young committee members. The reelection of the Committee was officially conducted on April 15, 2016. Professor Zhao Buchang continued to serve as the Chairman, Zhao Chao as the Chairman Candidate, and Professor Mao Jingyuan, Professor Lei Yan, Professor Hu Xueqiang, Professor Wan Haitong, Professor An Yi and Professor Liu Zhenguo as the Vice Chairmen. The Committee is the world’s first society dedicated to the fields of Nao Xin Tong Zhi by integrative medicine, marking new breakthrough and progress of Nao Xin Tong Zhi sectors in the theory and clinical practice.

After its inception, the Committee has positively facilitated all provinces and municipality directly under the Central Government to establish the Nao Xin Tong Zhi Committee. Up to December 2016, there have been 24 provincial-level societies and 87 prefecture-level societies officially established upon the approval. Besides, the Committee established the Expert Group of Cerebropathy, Expert Group of Coronary Disease, Grassroots Volunteer Group of Nao Xin Tong Zhi, Expert Group of Cardiac Rhythm, Expert Group of Sub-Health, etc., and conducted the relevant work. At present, the Committee is establishing the Township Expert Group, Expert Group of Diabetes and Expert Group of Headache

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